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 Striking of Arc

Striking the are is a basic action through out the are welding operation . It will occurr every time the welding is to be started . It is an essential basic skill to learn arc welding .

Setting Welding Current Condition

(1) Select the electrode size as per the thickness of the metal to be welded.

(Approx. in mm.)
(Core wire dia.)
1.6 1.6 mm 40 - 60
2.5 2.5 mm 50 - 80
4.0 3.2 mm 90 - 130
6.0 4.0 mm 130 - 180
8.0 5.0 mm 180 - 270
25.0 6.0 mm 300 - 400

(2) The electrode site should not be more than the thickness of metal to be welded .

(3) Set the welding current on the welding machine as per the electrode size to be used , using a current regulator .

(4) Connect the electrode to negative if the machine is a DC .

Methods of Striking

There are too methods of Striking the arc. 

(i) Tapping Method
(ii) Scratching Method

1. Tapping Method

(i) Hold the electrode vertically at a distance of about 12 mm from the job to be welded . 

(ii) Protect your eyes with the welding screen . 

(iii) Strike the arc by moving the electrode down to touch the job surface lightly . 

(iv) Immediately move the electrode vertically up slowly approximately 6 mm for a few seconds and then lover it to approximately 4 mm or according to the diameter of core wire from the surface to maintain a compect arc .

2. Scratching Method

(i) Hold the electrode at a distance of about 30 mm above the job piece at one end at 75 ° angle to the surface line . 

(ii) Bring the hand screen in front of your eyes . 

(iii) Strike the arc by dragging ( to pull in force ) the electrode quickly and softly across the welding job using wrist movement only , similar to that of striking a match .

(iv) Withdraw the electrode approximately 6 mm from the surface for a few seconds and then lower it to approximately 4mm distance to maintain the arc .

(v) If the arc has been properly struck a burst of light with a steady sharep sound will be produced . 

(vi) Break the arc by quickly with drawing the electrode up . 

The Tapping Method is mostly recommended as it does not put any pit marks on the job surface . 

If the electrode freezes are stick to the plate it should be immediately freed by a quick twist of the wrist to avoid over heating or spoiling .

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