Ego is the root cause of destruction — Lord Sri Krishna


Ego is the root cause of destruction — Lord Sri Krishna

The main cause of the destruction of pride, the biggest enemy of human life in this world is pride.

Pride destroys human life, prevents you from attaining God, pride creates obstacles in your great work.  So before pride destroys human life, pride should be destroyed.

When Arjuna became arrogant, Arjuna began to consider himself the best archer in Triloka, so he sent Hanuman to rid Arjuna of his pride.  Hanuman was sitting on Ram Setu and meditating, at that time Arjuna was going to the side of Ram Setu, Hanuman was meditating and asked who are you?  

Hanuman then said I am a devotee of Rama, Arjuna then asked, Rama was a great archer why did he not build a bridge with his buns, why did he build a bridge with stones. Hanuman said that Lord Rama had an army of thousands of monkeys, so a bridge made of buns could not withstand the weight of the army.  , So Lord Rama built a bridge with stone.

Hearing this, Arjuna started waving his hands and said, "I am the best archer of Triloka. My bridge made of buns will never be broken. Then Hanuman said, I will break the same bridge made by you."  Break the bridge then I will be your slave, and if you cannot break it then you will be my slave, Hanuman agreed.

Arjuna made a bridge with his bun, and when Hanuman placed his foot on the bridge, this bridge broke. Seeing that, Arjuna's pride was broken.

Hanuman said to Arjuna, O Arjuna, you have committed many sins because of your pride and that is insulting Lord Rama, Arjuna could understand how big a sin he has committed because of his pride.

So Arjuna lit a fire with his bun and was going to surrender himself to the fire god, when Lord Krishna appeared and stopped Arjuna, O Arjuna I sent Hanuman to kill your pride, you have to fight in Kurukshetra, and in that fight you  You have to win, and you can never win the war with your pride, so it was necessary to destroy your pride.

From these words of Lord Krishna, we learn that if there is pride in the mind, we cannot succeed in any work, so to be successful in life, pride must be destroyed from the mind.

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