Five precious sayings of Gita that will change your life — Radha Krishna Love Quotes in Bengali



Five precious sayings of Gita that will change your life

Five Valuable Sayings of Gita That Can Change Our Life We start work in life with a great hope, work hard but when we don't get any kind of success after working hard, we get broken down, dejected. 

I don't want to do that thing anymore, but one thing should be remembered, those who have achieved great success in this world, but they did not succeed in the first time, they failed many times, they learned from failure, and after failing many times with that education, they became successful. You will not be successful until you gain knowledge about the work.

If you want to succeed in work, you have to take full knowledge of work, you have to work carefully without getting results, you have to work fearlessly, you have to be honest towards your work, you have to endure and work as stable as the sea.

Lord Sri Krishna mentions five precious verses in Bhagavad Gita. If we follow these five sayings in life, we will be successful in life. These five sayings are:

1. Work should be done carefully without fruit coming

Do not succeed in any work before starting it, because if you fail in that work, then you will no longer focus on that work, and you will not be able to succeed in that work. And when work is done without thinking about the result, success comes.

2. Be fearless

Be fearless and proceed to work, if you are fearless, confidence will grow in your mind, and confidence will bring success in your work.

3. Be honest with your actions

There should be honesty towards work, the work you do should be done with honesty.

4. To learn to endure

Obstacles come in all work, don't quit work because of fear of obstacles, you have to endure all the obstacles and work.

5. Should be cool like the sea

If there is a problem at work, do not be open and think with a cold head.

If we can follow these five words of Gita in our life then success will come in our life.

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