Friendship krishna and sudhama Friendship krishna and sudhama


Friendship is the greatest relationship anyone can have.  Ideally a friend is someone who loves and respects us and never leaves us or betrays us.  Stand by during times of danger.  Friendship is a comfort.  In times of crisis and despair, a friend is there to help calm us and lift our spirits.

There are many illustrations that show why friends can be great comforters.  For example, if a student is having a difficult time at school, a friend can offer guidance, encouragement, and support.  A true friend is also someone who loves and respects us.

A boyfriend and a girlfriend want to be with each other.  They love each other so much that they want to be with each other as much as possible.  This bond is also present with a good friendship because it has true love.  Also, as friends they respect each other.

As friends, we each make sacrifices for the other.  Some friends risk their lives for a friend.

Sudama's friendship is very popular.  Sudama was a poor Brahmin.  Sudama did not have enough money to feed the children.  Sudama's wife said, "We may be hungry, but shouldn't children be full?"  Tears came to his eyes as he spoke.  Sudma felt very bad.  He said, "What can we do?"  His wife said to Sudama, Shri Krishna is your dear friend He is the king of Dwarka, why don't you go there?  Go!  No need to ask for anything!"

Sudama decided to go to Dwarka.  He told his wife, “Okay, I will go to Krishna

 But what will I take for that?  Sudama's wife made some sweet rice and tied it in a cloth and with the sweet rice wrapped in that cloth, Sudama went out to Dwarka.

Sudama was shocked to see Dwarka.  The whole city was gold.  People were very happy Sudama reached Krishna's palace by asking.  The gatekeeper asked Sudama, who looked like a monk, "What's going on here?"

Sudama replied, "I want to meet Krishna, he is my friend. Go inside and say Sudama has come to meet you."  Darwan laughed at Sudma's dress.  He went and told Krishna.  Hearing Sudma's name, Krishna stood up!  And ran to meet Sudama.  Everyone was surprised!  Where is the king and where is this monk?

Lord Krishna accompanied his dear friend Sudhama to Prasad.  Seeing Krishna's prosperity, Sudama felt ashamed.  Sudama started to hide the bun of sweet rice, but Krishna took it away from Sudama.

After eating the sweet rice, Shri Krishna said this sweet rice to me amrita both sat down to eat.  Good food served on gold plates.  Sudama was filled with heart.  He remembered that children do not get full meals even at home.  Sudama stayed there for two days.  They could not ask for anything with Krishna.  He returned home on the third day.  Krishna hugged Sudama and took him some distance.

On the way back home, Sudhama started thinking, "What will my wife ask at home? Then what will I answer?"

Sudama reached home.  Did not see their hut there!  There was a beautiful house, his wife came out of that beautiful house.  She is wearing beautiful clothes.  The wife said to Sudama, "Behold the glory of Krishna! Our poverty is gone, Krishna has removed all our sorrows."  Sudama remembered the love of Krishna, tears came to his eyes.

Friends, the love of Krishna and Sudama is the love of a true friend.  So friends true love does not see high or low, and neither does wealth and poverty.  That is why even today after all these ages Vishwa Krishna and Sudama's friendship is remembered as a symbol of true friendship.

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