Why do love marriages not last long in most cases?



Why do love marriages not last long in most cases?

This is a very simple question. The reason why love marriages don't last is when the big dreams that the couple had while making love, the dream world doesn't match the real world.

Now I want to make a simple confession. Why is it that only love marriages are seen and heard marriages are not lasting in most cases. Is the problem actually love and marriage or meet and greet marriage or understanding between themselves?

In my opinion, the problem is lack of understanding and care. Why the marriage does not last can be discussed.

Does love really get old? No, it doesn't. The relationship is old. Relationships are like trees. Old relationships mean deep roots. These roots cannot be easily uprooted. But, if you don't take care regularly, don't irrigate a little water at the base of the tree, will the tree survive! One day you will see how the tree of so much has become silent, the leaves have turned yellow. The tree will die one day before your eyes. But these changes don't happen overnight. They are the result of prolonged exposure.

Your behavior towards your life partner and thus gradually affects you day by day. Once the poison drains the last drop of sweetness in the relationship. Then the relationship dies just like the tree. The one who loves you will want to be with you even for the smallest reason. But when even that minimal reason is no longer there, then disaster occurs.

So how will the relationship be good?

1. Love your life partner. Give him a chance to realize his need in your life.

2. Returning from office, a rose or belli flower garland in hand and a smile on the face. What could be a sweeter gift for someone who has been waiting all day for your arrival!

3. Got angry and said something extra? Admit the mistake. If you repent, he will ask you for forgiveness.

4. Go for a walk whenever you get a chance. See the world in two tickets. Plan anything with him. Change your perspective, life will change.

5. You know 90% of a person's 10-year relationship. You don't know anything about it. So you will be disinterested in him! This should be! And if so, where is the man's fault? This matter can not be thought of in a different way?

6. Why are you only thinking about your bitter experiences? Does he have anything better? Don't think about his qualities. See if it works like a new one?

7. May the relationship be old, may the sapling be from the tree. Let's learn to take care of relationships.

Several reasons:

1. What is supposed to be obtained after marriage, is obtained before marriage;

2. Love - before marriage is haram, Kabira is a sin, so it is not possible to get the happiness of the world without pure repentance, unless one has a share in the Hereafter.

3. Lover and wife - two that are different - how many people understand it?

4. Loving is a habit; So want innovation!

5. Love is short-term (before marriage).

6. evil eye

7. I used to meet my boyfriend once. He was unemployed. Endless time at hand. They don't have any after marriage. As a result, the previous lover can never be found back.

8. Before there was a fear of losing. As a result of getting it now, it is not there. So……….

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